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With only a few items, Voizmed Pharma is rapidly growing under the watchful eye of our Managing Experts. We manufacture and sell a comprehensive range of DCGI-approved formulations, including tablets, injectables, and novel medications. If you are searching for the professional Pcd Pharma Franchise company in India, then you can contact with Voizmed pharma.


However, Analgesics, antibiotics and anti-infectives, anti-cold and anti-allergic drugs, and antipsychotic drugs are among them. Aside from these, we have also Gastro & Antiemetic & Anti  Ulcerate, Hematinics, Hormones, and Nutritional Supplements in our line.


Tablets, Oral Liquids, Dry Powder, Capsules, Injectables, Ointment, Eye & Ear Drops, and Ayurvedic Products are all included in our product line. Because they are manufactured in accordance with GMP WHO norms, you may be certain that they adhere to strict quality standards.


Quality Control


Quality is a habit for us, not an act.


However, we’ve always prioritized community health by providing safe, effective, and high-quality products.


We have also made significant progress in delivering products to our customers from units that are designed in accordance with WHO-GMP and other international regulatory standards.


At this time, we have DCIG-approved items.


System of Quality Management


Our quality management system (cms) covers the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. This system also lays out all of the requirements for the processes’ proper operation, control, and documentation.


Our policy on quality:


Voizmed Pharma’s management and workers are totally devoted to meeting and exceeding client expectations, as well as providing satisfactory customer service through continual service improvement.


To achieve customer satisfaction by offering a wide variety of high-quality items and soliciting feedback from all employees.


To attain an international level of standard in the sale of pharmaceutical products by using the highest quality products and distribution.


But Voizmed Pharma has everything set up for this, from distribution to procurement. All of the records have been maintained, and our documentation effort has been carefully planned. This includes product approval, issue of approval, review, re-approval, and test results.


Internal audits are carried out to ensure that all systems are functioning effectively. There is also a system run by senior authorities that are in charge of planning, controlling, assigning tasks, and setting sales targets for the related people.


Our Resources


The drug controller has granted Voizmed Pharma permission to advertise medicinal items.
where the goods are displayed and kept in the most modern packaging available anywhere in the globe. Additionally, Voizmed Pharma may be found on Google India Trade India, IDR, and Drug Update.


Why Us?


We are creating new drugs, injections, and tablets that have DCGI approval.
Manufacturing Collaboration Between GMP and WHO
Extensive Experience
Large storage facilities
DCGI has certified a wide range of items.
Collaboration in Cutting-Edge Manufacturing
The policy of Unrestricted Sampling


Our Purpose


To attain and maintain our leadership position in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Our commitment to continual development yields success and advantages for our employees, customers, and communities. We choose to introduce fresh and emerging chemicals to ensure our customers’ safety in the doctor’s chamber and in the marketplace.


Our commitment lies on offering premium products at competitive costs. We also pledge to satisfy every client by fulfilling their precise needs as quickly as feasible in order to ensure complete customer happiness. We promise that every order will be delivered on schedule.



Our Goals


To become India’s premier corporation, providing excellence in product quality standards, service, and dedication to all stakeholders. Pharma Franchise India, PCD Pharma Company, PCD Pharma Franchise, Third Party Pharma Manufacturing, Contract Manufacturing.


3rd/Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Firms in India


Voizmed Pharma is one of the fastest-growing Third Party manufacturing pharma companies in Chandigarh (India), dedicated to manufacturing and delivering high-quality healthcare goods at the competitive market pricing in India and internationally.


We are looking for 3rd party pharma manufacturing companies from all over India to join our team. Voizmed are professionally managed and offer a wide choice of high-quality items that meet WHO and GMP requirements.

They will provide a diverse choice of compounds while also providing excellent service. We have state-of-the-art laboratories that enable us to create high-quality healthcare formulations.
Our skilled teams are prepared to assist society in every way imaginable.



Looking for third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing firms in India?



At Voizmed Pharma, numerous teams of professionals are working hard in the development and research department to develop new treatments that will help humans the most. We maintain high-quality production standards and have world-class facilities, machinery, and research equipment as an accredited 3rd party pharma manufacturing firm.


All healthcare product development adheres to the WHO-GMP rules. Highly qualified and experienced medication experts conduct quality tests at every stage of product manufacturing. Being a pioneer in the field of third-party pharmaceutical manufacture, we regularly conduct research to provide our partners with innovative and creative pharmaceutical products that the target market quickly consumes.


When it comes to selecting a raw material supplier, Voizmed Pharma is extremely careful since we recognize the importance of raw material quality in the final product. To ensure the quality of our final formulations, we exclusively buy raw materials from certified and reputable vendors. We assure our clients of complete secrecy of all information while keeping high quality in all of our initiatives.


Voizmed Pharma, as a responsible third-party manufacturer in the pharmaceutical business, ensures that all of our clients receive the highest quality medicine formulations. Although, our main goal is to supply medicine formulations that meet international standards.





antibiotics and
anti-cold and
anti-allergic drugs


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