Who We Are

We started in the year 2012. Voizmed Pharma is made up of people who are dedicated, industrious, and passionate. It wishes to give back to the civilization that gave it life. With a lot of hard work and effort, we’ve progressed over the years. It’s a group of trustworthy employees that have dedicated their lives to the company’s continued success. Voizmed Pharma is committed to producing value for its employees, the community, and its valued clients.

With a strong market presence, Voizmed Pharma demonstrates its dedication to society. The quality of our medicines is at the heart of our business.

We make certain that each drug is delivered only after extensive investigation. We carefully choose our collection and thoroughly test each product and ingredient.

Our medicines are made using sterile and pure ingredients. Our products are completely safe, effective, and of the highest possible quality. Our quality assurance staff keeps a close eye on the entire manufacturing process. A sterilised and large storage unit for storing medications after manufacturing is part of Voizmed Pharma’s integrated infrastructure. We have 100 percent stock availability, and orders are processed within 24 hours.

Pcd Pharma Franchise

PCD Pharma is a pharmaceutical franchise.

  • By appointing new distributors /franchise / sole distributors / PCD pharma franchise / PCD pharma monopoly in India, Voizmed Pharma is growing its commercial footprint in underserved areas.
  • The authorization issued by a pharmaceutical business to an individual or Distributor is known as a Pharma Franchise or PCD (Propaganda Cum Distribution).
  • With monopoly rights in a specific area, a PCD franchisee can conduct commerce and other commercial operations.
  • We form an equal-opportunity cooperation with modern Pharma Professionals at Voizmed Pharma.
  • Our team of pharma professionals is available at all times to assist our partners.
  • With creative concepts in our marketing methods to our employees’ visibility in the market, we hope to boost sales and profit.
  • They can become independent business owners thanks to a proven and sales-driven franchising structure. We offer enticing rewards for meeting the goals.
  • Our Franchisees have access to a range of over 250 high-quality items, including general practise, gynaecology, paediatrics, ENT, orthopaedics, neurology, dentistry, ophthalmology, psychiatry, cardiology, diabetes, and rheumatology.
  • All of our items come in the most up-to-date, appealing packaging. Pharma Professionals can start a franchise right away with our franchise programme.
  • If you’re thinking about starting a pharma franchise business, Voizmed Pharma is one of the greatest PCD Pharma Franchise Companies. Our specialist understanding will help you reach the success you desire.

The Benefits of Choosing Us

Low Initial Investment

When it comes to starting a new business, capital is always a concern, but this is not the case when it comes to a Pharma franchise. Anyone can begin their journey to success with a small investment.

Pharma Franchise Rights Monopoly

As a licenced franchisee, you have complete ownership of the company’s name and reputation. According to your goals and scheme, you can sell and distribute the products in your territory or locations.

There is a minimum amount of risk involved.

You don’t start your own business or improve the brand when you join a PCD franchise. As a franchisee, all you have to do is maintain the business profitable while reaching monthly milestones. As a result, there is just a small risk here.

Our Providers

  • Manufacturing by a Third Party
  • Providers of PCD Pharma Franchises
  • Building and Managing a Brand
  • Cost Estimation and Analysis
  • Sales & Marketing, Regulatory, and Business Intelligence
  • Consumer Insights & Business Strategy
  • Development & Research
  • Services for Customer Care
  • Market research and analysis are two terms that are often used interchangeably.
  • Specification, formulation, analysis, laboratory, packaging, and registration are all steps in the product development process.


  • General practise,
  • gynaecology,
  • paediatrics,
  • ENT,
  • orthopaedics,
  • neurology,
  • dentistry,
  • ophthalmology,
  • cardiology,
  • diabetes.

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