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Voizmed-The Best Pharma Franchise Company in India gives you the Choice to Decide the area, products & Quantity. Assured Monopoly selling rights over our pharma products.

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Voizmed Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical company in India, offers compelling opportunities for businesses. Our collaborative programs provide a perfect avenue for businesses to enter the pharmaceutical sector independently. The collaborative initiatives taken by Voizmed Pharma have opened up impressive business opportunities. We invite all New and Old Pharmapreneurs to collaborate with us for Third-Party / Contractual Manufacturing and Franchise Opportunities or you can get more about us.

Promotional Input
High Quality Assurance
Best Customer Support

We provide all Promotional Backup For our Associates like Notepads, Pens, Visiting cards, Visual Aids and also Provide Training for Upcoming Marketing People

All products go through multiple quality tests and are certified as per quality standards.
24/7 availability of our customer support personnel for any queries or grievances.

What Drives Us


Under Make In India Vision, we envision a state of good health across the nation. We've collaborated with Pharmapreneurs nationwide to collaborate with our vision and establish accessible pharmacies throughout India.


Our Mission is to Provide all Healthcare Solutions to the remotest area of India and help people in affordable Medicines with Assured Quality.


We’re driven by our social responsibility towards our citizens and on this journey, we’ve made honesty and integrity our companions. The whole team of Vivaceuticals takes pride in their values and stays true to them.

Pharma Franchise Requirements-

For you to become a part of a Pharma Franchise Business Program, there are a few prerequisites that are required.

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Our Team

Our Professional Team

H.S. Lamba

H.S. Lamba

Plant Head
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Asha Gupta

Accounts | Admin
Ruchika Rana

Ruchika Rana

Key Account Manager

Best ROI & Margins

Franchise owners enjoy the sole right over the profits earned from sales with minimal investment to set up the business, Associates can garner a great return on investment and scale their business simultaneously.

Exclusive ROI & Margin

Low Investment Risk

Our Pharma franchise business does not require exponential investment on the part of associates. Becoming a part of the program has been simplified so any interested party can start their own business and gain profits.

Low Investment Risk

Independent Entity

All Business partners will be in complete control of their businesses, without any external pressure associated with monthly or annual targets. Partners can operate as separate entities, without interference.

Indipendent Intity

Unique Monopoly Rights

These include: being the sole seller of an exclusive range of pharmaceutical products in the region, choosing the area you want to target, and choosing the pharmaceutical products that would sell best at that location.

Unique Monopoly Rights

All Features

Benefits of Pharma Franchise Model

Franchisee are currently the most lucrative type of franchise business that you can become a part of. As a part of a Pharma Company Program, franchise partners hold authority over multiple decisions regarding the operations of the business.
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